How to Use Disinfectants

Jun 25,2020POSTED BY Admin
Due to recent spread of Coronavirus all over the world we understand how crucial it is to keep clean and virus-free surrounding around us.

What to do if you feel unwell

Jun 23,2020POSTED BY Admin
If you have cough, fever or difficulty in breathing and you are worried that you may have contacted the virus, first and the foremost

Why disinfect your workplace?

Jun 25,2020POSTED BY Admin
Many countries have enforced lockdown due to outbreak of coronavirus to break the chain of infection. However, if you have a vital service

Apps used in India to fight COVID-19

Jun 25,2020POSTED BY admin
The whole world is fighting a battle against the novel coronavirus pandemic and is heavily relying on technology.

How Long Can Coronavirus Live On Surface?

Jun 27,2020POSTED BY admin
Modes of transmission of SARS-CoV-2 virus (novel coronavirus) from person to person are the focus of current global pandemic.

Cleaning vs Disinfecting

Sep 04,2020POSTED BY admin
There is a lot of information on cleaning and disinfection online and in media in the context of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic.

Emerging Scenarios for a Safer Workplace

Jul 05,2020POSTED BY admin
The world is getting back to the normal, The New Normal, to bring the economy back on track.

Maintaining Hygiene at Home

Jul 06,2020POSTED BY admin
Our home is the safe heaven for us, but we end up bringing all dirt and germs from outside.

How to Keep Your Gadgets Clean from Germs

Jul 07,2020POSTED BY admin
As corona virus pandemic is on the rise, hygiene is becoming a primary concern for everyone.

How to Select the Ideal Disinfectant for You

Jul 28,2020POSTED BY admin
Healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) remain an important source of morbidity and mortality.

Surface Disinfectants - Origin and Evolution

Jul 29,2020POSTED BY admin
Here are some of the examples of the disinfectants that were used in ancient times.