As corona virus pandemic is on the rise, hygiene is becoming a primary concern for everyone.

The level caution which we apply on washing our hands also applies to frequently touched objects and surfaces around you such as your smart phones, laptops, etc.

Now how do we make sure that our devices and screens are properly cleaned or disinfected? Here are some few tips which you can opt in your day to life to clean your smart phones or devices:

Cleaning keyboards is important as that is the surface we touch the most. After cleaning your keyboard with a damp cloth, make sure it is not dripping on the keyboard as that can damage the keyboard.

Tip #1 Use Disinfectant Wipes

Disinfectant wipes work well with the gadgets. Even on apps couple official site you can see the day suggest that using 70% of iso propyl alcohol white Clorox disinfecting wipes can be used to wipe the exterior surfaces of your iPhone which can also apply on various other gadgets like smart phone and laptops. Right now, if you go to mobile accessories stores you may notice that they offer antibacterial screen wipes for phones. If you don't find it there you can also check online for the same.

Tip #2 Mobile Sanitizers

When we talk about mobile sanitizers, do not confuse it with the regular sanitizers used for hands as they are big no-no. Special sanitizers for smartphones are available with brands named Mobi wash, Phone mop etc. This can also be used on the screens of laptops and on the keyboards. While cleaning make sure that you clean all the edges along with your phone case.

One of the well-known brands i.e. Samsung has also announced Samsung galaxy sanitizing services in various country including US and UK. They are expecting to expand the services in other countries too in upcoming weeks.

Tip #3 Microfiber Cloth

As we know that the microfiber cloth is generally very soft and can be used to clean your devices like smartphones or laptops. To clean it take the microfiber cloth and dip it in the alcohol solution, make sure it's damp and not totally wet with it and also alcohol usually evaporates quickly so make sure not to expose it for too long outside. After that wipe the screen and the body without putting too much pressure on it. Then leave it out to dry.

Tip #4 UV Bath

You can also opt to give your smartphone UV Bath. But buying UV sanitizers can be very expensive but it is a good way to prevent the viral build-up on the surface of the phone.

Tip #4 Iso propyl Alcohol

You can use this alcohol on a clean cloth or a microfiber cloth. Make sure to never spray directly on the LCD screen or the keyboard. Iso propyl alcohol can be used by dipping any soft or lint-free cloth in it and squeezing out the excess from the cloth.

Word of caution

Please ensure your gadgets are always unplugged from charging when disinfecting. When you are cleaning your gadgets with a microfiber cloth or any other cloth, make sure it is not dipped wet with the solution, rather it is kept damp.