Due to recent spread of Coronavirus all over the world we understand how crucial it is to keep clean and virus-free surrounding around us. Disinfecting is one of the effective methods for such cause, but to use it effectively is even more important if not done in a proper manner we might be just putting it down the drain.

Here are some tips to use and apply disinfectants properly-

Tip #1 Add Microfiber

Use microfiber for mops and cleaning cloths as they are more effective than natural based fibre. The reason behind using microfiber over natural fibre is that microfiber clothes are resistant to quat binding. Quat binding happens when the active ingredient of disinfectants (quaternary ammonium chloride) becomes attracted to and absorbed into fabrics. Hence opt for microfiber over cotton when applying quat-based disinfectants, so that they don’t get absorbed.

Tip #2 Clear Out the Dirt

One must clean the area before applying disinfectant. Clean the visible surface soil and then use disinfectant according to label directions.

Tip #3 Don’t Mix

Never mix disinfectants with other chemicals or cleaners as mixing them might change its properties hence, making it less effective or more corrosive.

Tip #4 Make the Ratio as Instructed

Some disinfectants come in concentrated form which must be diluted in exact same ratio as instructed on the label because even a slight change in the ratio can change its properties and make it ineffective.

Tip #5 Target Hot Spots

“Hot spot” are the surfaces that are frequently touched like doorknobs, light switches, desks, handrails, elevator switches, etc. Germsaccumulate quickly on such surfaces, hence they needed to be disinfected more often. That doesn’t mean that we should neglect less obvious places like towel dispensers, garbage cans and hand dryers.

Tip 6#Contact Time

Disinfectants have a specific contact time mentioned on their label, directing as how long they should remainon the surface to kill various pathogens. Therefore, disinfectants must be lefton the surface till the time it is instructed to be effective.

Tip 7# Change Solution Frequently

The disinfectant solution used in mop bucket gets contaminated as you clean floors and dip your mop back into it. It is important to change the solution frequently as you may simple re-spread pathogens over the floors. It is recommended to change mop water after frequentlyin order to prevent cross contamination.

Tip 8# Know Your Disinfectant

It is essential to read the label to be sure about what type of disinfectant you are using and what kind of germs it kills. In current times, in order to deal with Coronavirus,WHO or EPA approved disinfectants are recommended.

From choosing the right product to knowing how to apply it, disinfectant use is a serious business. Those who fail to make right choice, ignore the labelled instructions or apply disinfectant incorrectly are putting their own, their visitors’ and their employees’ health at risk; hence setting themselves for potential disinfectant disaster. So please educate yourself on using disinfectants correctly to ensure hygiene and safety for all.