Many countries have enforced lockdown due to outbreak of coronavirus to break the chain of infection. However, if you have a vital service or business that has to keep functioning, or your workplace is opening up after the lockdown, it is essential to take precautions to protect people who use your premises. Yours employees might want assurance that your premises are safe before they return and that they’ll be safe while they’re using them.

As we know that Coronavirus is a highly infectious disease and with no vaccine or specific treatment yet, the best way to prevent it is to practise stringent hygiene methods which includes cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and objects people touch the most.

How to disinfect?

Disinfecting area and objects plays and important role in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

As a facility manager, you’ll need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • How can I get my facility up in functioning order quickly?
  • Are my premises pathogen-free and if it is safe to use and touch the objects in it?
  • What measures should I take to keep me premises hygienic and how should I implement it?
  • How do I come up with a robust hygiene standard in my organisation?

You may have cleaners to so regular cleaning task, but controlling such a highly infectious virus required high level of expertise and control measures which only a professional service can offer.

Cleaning and disinfection treatments

Disinfection service will first inspect or survey the site using specialists. The trained disinfection technicians manually clean and disinfect using special equipment, including personal protective equipment (PPE) and an approved high-level surface disinfectant.

Disinfecting large and hard to reach area

Even though manual methods are the first choice, but to reach areas that are hard to reach and adequately cover manually, fogging is an apt solution.

Ultra-low volume (ULV) fogging involves using a fogger machine to generate a cloud of extremely small droplets of a disinfectant liquid. The application of disinfectants using this method can significantly reduce the number of pathogens on all surfaces that may not be easily accessible manually.

ULV fogging and disinfection ensures the treatment of large areas in short period of time to break the chain of infection

Disinfection: An Ideal Solution

Cleaning and disinfection are the effective measures for the premises or the workplace that might be contaminated by coronavirus so that the organisation can return quickly to normal use. Professional disinfection services have the techniques which are significantly more effective to get rid of contaminations and pathogens; and to make it a safe and hygienic place. This also will provide reassurance to the employees that high standard of hygiene is maintained on their premises hence making it a safe place for them to use.