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We use a highly effective chemical disinfectant that contains a high degree of anti-microbial properties. The main-stay chemical that is used for dis-infection is Virex II 256, on demand basis Oxivir 16 too can be used. We use only Diversey products to ensure reliable MSDS of the chemicals used that are in line with WHO and are EPA approved. The treatment comprises of surface and air space disinfection by surface spray and misting / fogging through ULV or thermal fog equipment.

  • Cleaning: The area to be disinfected needs to be thoroughly cleaned before the disinfection treatment.
  • Pre-preparation: The area is prepared for disinfection by switching off fire alarms, Switching off central AHU, covering LCD panels of computers/ TV monitors, etc.
  • Disinfection: Aerial disinfection is carried out by ULV (Ultra Low Volume particulates) misting of disinfectant. All exposed Surfaces such as walls and floors are disinfected by a spray.
  • Post-treatment: Close the treated area for one to two hours. After 2 hours, allow for reuse.

Deep cleaning is a process of intrinsic cleaning of your premises using automated machinery, tools and cleaning agents to thoroughly cleanse allthose areas where it is difficult to reach manually.Our unique 3S deep cleaning process (Scrub, Sanitize & Shine) developed ensures a dust-free environment in every nook &corner of your home or office and enhances its hygienic & visual appeal. Each item is serviced individually by skilled experts that transform your premises in to a sanitized environmentwhile simultaneously making it a visual delight for its occupants and visitors.

The basic cleaning procedures and tools used by general households &maintenance providers are insufficient in targeting and eliminating the germ-contamination present at your premises. Moreover, while cleaning manually, many areas are left unaffected &unnoticed because of lack of skill. The method of superficially wiping the top layer of dust using cloth and water is unable to remove the pathogens present in your premises, whereas our equipment, in the hands of highly skilled service crew, are designed in a manner that it is able to reach all the hidden areas. Hence,each item at your facility is serviced by specially developed Standard Operating Protocols, inspired from latest industry researchand finely tuned to accommodate our harsh (dust and dirt filled) environment, so as to ensure effective cleaning and optimum results.

We advise to please store your valuables and fragile items safely. Also, please ensure that all loose articles like clothes from bathrooms and food from kitchens is stored away at a safe place so that our crew could move around freely and focus on all areas of your premises extensively.

Deliberation and Attention to detail are the prime factors responsible to create a healthy and visually pleasing environment inside your premises. Hence our service crewmembers dedicate ample time to service each item of your facility with excellence. Hence, the time taken depend few factors like area, number of rooms in the premise, the basic condition of the premise and the type of service opted. Tentatively an average 3 bed room house takes 5 - 6 hrs to complete the basic services.

Sanitizers are agents that destroy 99.999 percent of bacteria in 30 seconds during the Official Detergent Sanitizer Test (a public health test). A good way to understand the logic behind this test is to think of a bartender washing glasses. On the other hand, disinfectants are products that destroy all organisms in 10 minutes during the AOAC Use Dilution Test, a test regulated by the EPA to determine the efficiency of disinfectants. In a hospital situation it’s more important to kill all germs even if it takes longer rather than to kill most of them quickly.