Chemical disinfectant

We use highly effective chemical disinfectants with a high anti-microbial efficacy. The main-stay chemical that is used for disinfection is Virex II 256 from Diversey. If required, Oxivir 16 can also be used. We use only Diversey products to ensure reliable MSDS of the chemicals used that are WHO and EPA approved.

Virex II 256

Broad spectrum

  • EPA and WHO certified
  • Dilution 10ml per litre of water for ULV/Fogg


  • Only needs 5 minutes contact time
  • Effective against COVID 19 and a wide spectrum of other microbes (bacteria, virus, spores)


  • Non corrosive on metal surfaces
  • CDC recommended ingredients
  • Patented synergistic blend

Environmentally friendly

  • Safe to be used in household
  • Most effective in enclosed atmosphere
  • No cleaning required post service
  • No smell/ odour/ stains